10 Essential Dog-Training Supplies – Dogster

With the number of dog training supplies available both in store and online it can be daunting to try to pick the best ones. Having the appropriate tools in your toolbox when working with your dog can make or break your training success. Your top item will be the best dog training treats, so we’ll ...

Prevention and Treatment – Dogster

Panting more. Getting tired on walks. Not wanting to go up or down the stairs. It’s normal for dogs to slow down as they age, but sometimes it’s more than getting older. The early signs of heart disease can be subtle, but it’s important to recognize them. Early diagnosis and treatment of some heart ...

What You Should Know – Dogster

Have you ever taken an online class with your dog? In response to the pandemic there has been a tremendous growth in opportunities to train your dog online. Virtual dog training can take the form of individual private lessons with a trainer or signing up for a group class that meets via zoom. For ...

Dogster’s Advice on Best Gifts for Dog Lovers – Dogster

Friends and family members who love their dogs deserve holiday gifts that capture that love. And here’s the good news: Yes, you can shop smartly and find the gift they will treasure forever – and fur-ever. Dogster reached out to three knowledgeable professionals in the pet industry who were more ...

Equipment You’ll Need for a Dog Gym – Dogster

Is it your New Year’s resolution to start working on your dog’s physical fitness? Or maybe weather tends to put a halt to your long walks, thus causing your dog (and maybe you) to go stir crazy. Personal dog gyms are starting to become a trend, not only for performance dogs but for dogs whose ...

Great Couch Covers for Dogs – Dogster

You absolutely love snuggling up with your pup on the couch. The only problem is that she tends to shed everywhere, tear the fabric, eat her food on it and generally make it look dirtier. What are you supposed to do? You don’t want to kick your best furry friend off, but you also need to protect ...

How To Introduce A Dog To A Baby and Young Children – Dogster

You may envision dogs as modern-day versions of Lassie, Benji or Rin Tin Tin. In reality, most dogs need guidance navigating their relationships with children. Most dog bites to children are by dogs they know and love, so the best defense is a good offense. Dogs and kids can be best buddies if you ...

Can Dogs Drink Milk? – Dogster

While most dogs will happily lap up a bowl of milk, enjoy a chunk of cheese as a treat or sneak a few licks of an ice cream cone, in essence, milk and all other dairy products, aren’t always good for dogs. The reason: Many dogs, but not all, are lactose intolerant. And while some pooches may appear ...

2022 National Dog Show – Dogster

Thanksgiving — family, friends, turkey and … the National Dog Show Presented by Purina on TV. We dog lovers know a good annual family tradition when we see one. Wondering about this year’s show? We’ve got all the facts, given to us by the lovely folks at the National Dog Show. So just like your ...

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